zondag 3 augustus 2014


International symposium 

The Personal is Geopolitical: Story-telling and Familial Belonging in a Globalizing World.

On the occasion of the inauguration of dr. Lies Wesseling as holder of the special ''Opzij'' chair ''Cultural Memory, Gender and Diversity''on september 12, 2014 at Maastricht University, an international symposium The Personal is Geopolitical: Story-telling and Familial Belonging in a Globalizing World take place at the Maastricht University, 9.30-15.30, Location to be announced.

The symposium will revitalize the classical feminist adage that 'the personal is political'. Nowadays, this slogan seems even more to the point than ever before, in that the personal has become geopolitical. Phenomena such as global surrogacy and transnational families shaped trough adoption and migration exemplify the fact that geopolitical inequalities impact directly on the intimate space of the family, reorganizing family relationships in both developed and developing countries.
This interdiciplinary symposium combines historical, anthropological, sociological and literary perspectives, so as to analyze the complex interplay between age, gender, race and nationality in the global reorganization of the family.

The following speakers will present papers:

1. Professor Claudia Nelson, ''When Adoption Became 'Adoption': The Justification of Child Migration in Victorian England''

2. Professor Mavis Reimer,''Children's homes and the home of the nation: The Case of Canada''

3. Professor Barbara Yngvesson, ''Origin Myths, Narratives of return, and the Making and Unmaking of (Adoptive) Identities in Sweden''

4. Dr. Cecilia Lindgren, ''Here and now-There and Then: Narrative Time and Space in Transnational Adoptees' Stories about Background, Origin and Roots''

5. Dr. Johanna Gondouin, ''Sensible Indian Woman and Sensitive Gay Men: On the Politics of Surrogacy in Swedish Media''

6. Dr. Lene Myong Pederson, ''Questioning the biopolitics of Transnational Adoption: Remigration, Adoption Critique, and the Danish Adoption Debate''

Responses will be given by various members of the Centre for Gender and Diversity, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht University.
Participation is free, but you need to register beforehand by sending an email to Racheel Wennek, R.Wennek@Maastrichtuniversity.nl For further updates on the program, please consult the website of the Centre for Gender and Diversity: www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/CGD.

Inaugural Speech Dr. Lies Wesseling

The symposium will be rounded off at 16.30 by the inaugural speech of Dr. Lies Wesseling, ''Verwantschap weven: Vertelpraktijken en culturele herinnering in transnationale adoptie'' (The Weaving of Family: Narrative Practices and Cultural Remembrance in Transnational Adoption), Aula Minderbroedersberg 4-6, University Maastricht.
After the speech there will be a reception.
Prof.dr.L.L.G. Soete,
Rector Magnificus

Parking in the nearby area is almost impossible, but can be done in the garage under the Vrijthof.
is er in de garage onder het Vrijthof.

To Professors:
If you want to attend this oration and the cortege, please email: len.cuppens@maastrichtuniversity.nl